Redbush Loop

From Bainbridge, follow Route 50 east to Jones Levee Road , and turn right. Cross the levee and turn right onto Spargursville Road .
The D.T. & I Railroad at one time traversed this valley and several once-thriving communities on the railroad still strive to maintain their identity — Storms (named for a pioneer family), Spargursville, Harris Station and Nipgen (Possum Trot).
After you pass coupe for country churches (Storms Church celebrated it 100th anniversary in the summer of 1997), watch for the remains of one of the last “old time country stores,” which was in Spargursville.
Continue on Spargursville Road pas a refurbished “one room school” (now a residence) to Potts Hill Road . Turn right across the hill, past several country cemeteries, and follow the road down the hill and onto Route 50. Turn left into Bainbridge.